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All recipes can be made using normal self raising flour.
Also for the healthier and Diabetic friendly version instead of using butter, use coconut oil in the same measurements. Also substitute the sugar for xylitol or stevia using only half the measurement if using this option.

My name is Samuel Homan. I’m 29 yrs old. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I Travel between Dublin, London and New York mainly with modelling, as well as gracing the shores of Milan, Hamburg and various other country. I have always had a strong interest in Baking, Cooking, Cocktails and generally feeding and watering the people around me. When I am not doing the modelling I am normally found in the kitchen baking, cooking and creating. This Blog is to keep you all up to date with my whereabouts, baking, cooking and recipes for sharing. I hope you enjoy and get inspired and make you want to create and share with the people around you, you love. Enjoy

Follow me on instagram on http://instagram.com/samuelhoman5/# #phatsams and on twitter on https://twitter.com/SamuelHoman5 for images of baked goodies.


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