Gluten Free Mini Filled Pancakes


Gluten Free Mini Filled Pancakes
1 cup gluten free self raising flour
1/2 cup milk or water
1 large egg
2 tbsp. caster sugar

(desired filling. I used dark chocolate chips)


1. Add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk together until smooth
2. Once smooth, grease the mini pancake pan and place onto a medium heat on the cooker
3. Once heated, spoon 2 tbsp. of the mixture into each section in the pan
4. Cook for 2 min and place your filling into the centre of each mini cake (I used 5-6 chocolate chips per cake)
5. Using a wooden chop stick, carefully turn the cakes over by pressing down on one side of the cake and it will simply roll over
6. Cook for a further 2-3 min and then simply turn the cakes out onto a plate

You can cover the cakes in a coating by simply mixing cinnamon and caster sugar in a mixing bowl and tossing the cakes in the cinnamon sugar straight out of the pan, as they will be hot the cinnamon sugar will give an even coating to the cakes.

You can also just add the usual accompaniments such as maple syrup, chocolate sauce, honey, etc….

anyone interested in buying a pan online




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